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Lamb Meatball Brochettes, Tomato Sauce

Lamb brochettes with tomato sauce

This dish has Morrocan'ish flavours, marrying cumin, corriander, ginger, and lamb. It's simple, and quick. Great summer evening meal.


Chicken Brochettes, Marinated In Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

Chicken brochettes with zuchini, bell pepper and mushroom

Marinated chicken brochettes make a nice Summer meal - especialy if you have access to "farm fresh" vegetables.


Roast Pork Belly With Maple Syrup And Apple Cider Vinegar

Roasted pork belly with maple syrup and apple cider vinegar

Pork Belly. The fatty skin allows you to make great crackling. The maple syrup brings an interesting sweetness that goes well with pork. And the apple cider vinegar gives just a touch of acidity to balance it all out.


Chicken And Chorizo Claypot

Chicken, Chorizo and rice claypot dish

Chicken and Chorizo cooked over rice in a clay pot. Really easy! The flavours and textures develop into a succulent dish.


Beef Stir Fry

Beef Stir Fry with White Rice

Stir fry is one of those dishes that can be ready really quickly. Have all the ingredients ready to go, and the actual preparation is fast.


Chicken Stuffed With Pork & Cranberries, Mango Salsa

Stuffed chicken hors d'oeuvre

Great as a meal, or as hors d'oeuvre, this dish is inspired by the Christmas or Thanksgiving stuffed turkey, with a twist


Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara

Spaghetti, bacon, eggs, cream, parmesan, black pepper - It doesn't come much simpler than that! Tasty, too.



Dinner Spread

Where I describe a picnic-like meal we had for dinner, at home.


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