The Wheeling Gourmet's Entries In The ‘Disability’ Category


Some ideas to make cooking easier when you have a disability.

Mixing Bowls

Find mixing bowls with long handles and pour spouts on them. These will be easier to use if you don't have much strength or dexterity in your arms and hands.

Electric Knives

You may find an electric knife easier to use on bread, cooked meat or poultry, and even on some vegetables.

Turning Tables (Lazy Susan) on Counters

Place a turning table, also known as 'Lazy Susan', on your counter (benchtop) in the corner.

Many Knives

If you can afford it, have a lot of knives and cooking utensils that you can leave at all your work areas.

Counter Height

Chances are the counter or benchtop is going to be too high for you if you are a wheelchair user. If that is the case, you can use a small table with wheels as your preparation counter.

Grabbers & Reachers

Grabbers and reachers are invaluable tools in the kitchen.

Holding Cooking Utensils on the Pot

You can find cooking spoons with a curved end or hook at the end, that way they won’t slide into whatever you’re cooking.


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