The Wheeling Gourmet's Entries In The ‘Disability’ Category


Some ideas to make cooking easier when you have a disability.

Storing Items

Store all the items you use together, near the area you'll use them most.

One-Handed Rolling Pin

Using a rolling pin one-handed is tricky at best. You can make your own one-handed rolling pins relatively easily.

Using Steamers

Use a "Marguerite" (steamer) to cook vegetables. Most steamers are easier to lift than the whole pot, especially if the pot is full of water.

Measuring Cups

Use exact sizes measuring cups instead of the multi-purpose measuring jugs.

Pot Holders

If your pot only has one handle, you can use a camping pot holder to lift pots with both the pot handle and the camping handle.

Mirrors to See in Pots

If you are a wheelchair user, you can use a shaving mirror with goose neck angled above the stove in order to see in the pots on the stove.

Multiple Cutting Boards

Keep several cutting boards. It may be easier to change cutting boards than clean one up while in the middle of cooking a meal.


Music with dinner is an insult both to the cook and the violinist. G. K. Chesterton

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