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Snow Storm Cancelled Big Fancy Dinner

Snow storms can get people stuck. This time, the event was cancelled because the guests couldn't come. Staff ate very well that night!

Burger Smells, Memories, A Long Summer In The Kitchen

The sense of smell is very good at bringing back memories. I drove past a restaurant yesterday afternoon. The smell of hamburgers cooking on charcoal brought me back to summer 1992.

Des Moules Et Puis Des Frites

Moules & Frites (mussels and fries) used to be a cheap, popular dish in Belgium. Now, it's still as good, but what a luxury!

Timing Your Cooking - Utilise The Down Time

Some people seem to get dishes done and ready quicker than others. Most of these people simply have learned how to maximise the time available to cook. They use their cooking time wisely - You can learn to do that too.

This Recipe Needs More Work

Analysing the "failure" of my pear, chocolate and frangipane pie will help make it right next time.

Am I A Food Blogger?

There is some conflict between print publishers and food bloggers, the former seemingly not taking the later seriously. Am I a food blogger? Does the label matter?

A Good Steak

I tried a new (to me) meat - Angus crossed with Jersey. It made for a wonderful, tasty, juicy steak. Not for the vegetarians among us!


Health food makes me sick. Calvin Trillin

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