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Brown Stock

Home-made stock is simple to make, as well as cheaper and better than purchasing at the supermarket.

How To Wash Your Hands

Handwashing is extremely important to prepare safe food. This explains and demonstrate how to properly wash your hands.

Lazy Sunday Morning Croissant Breakfast

Baking croissants for breakfast, remembering a student job in an ice cream shop, enjoying a lazy morning.

The Difference Between Being A Cook And Being A Chef

I am arguing that the word "chef" is generally mis-used in the English spoken world. Do you agree?

Strange Mix Of Flavours

Toasted raisin bread, Philadelphia cream cheese, bacon. Odd, but good. Strange combinations often work. Often fail, too, but when they work, it's all yummm.

When A Cup Isn't A Cup

Demonstrating the differences between the quantity of flour in a cup if it was sifted or packed.

Grilled Grapefruit Breakfast

Serving breakfast with grapefruit grilled with maple flakes and served with yogurt, memories of childhood


An empty belly is the best cook. Estonian Proverb

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