Strange Mix Of Flavours


9 May 2009

Today I made a sandwich with toasted raisin bread, Philadelphia cream cheese, and bacon. It sounds weird, but it's actually quite good. Well. I like it!

Bacon, Philadelphia cheese and raisin toast sandwich
The sandwich, a nice snack.

I'm not the first one to mix strange flavours. Elvis liked deep fried pickles, didn't he? Or was it someone else? :) In any case, this particular mix was my chef's favourite when I was at Hidden Valley Resort Hotel in Huntsville, ON. I was dubious when he made it the first time, but I also was a quick convert.

I hadn't made it in years, literally. Maybe even as much as ten years. It was very good.

The texture of the dry "gritty" toast, soft cream cheese and crispy bacon went well together. The flavour of the salty/smokey bacon with the sweetness of the raisins and cinnamon, with the cream cheese, also a nice balance there.

What are *your* weird and wonderful, unusual flavour mixes?


One Response to “Strange Mix Of Flavours”

  1. My friend likes Tuna fish and pepperoni sandwiches. And peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Both sound unappealing to me, but he swears they are great!

    Me, I'm sure I don't eat anything weird ;)

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