No Fresh Fish - Spaghetti Instead!

It was fresh Blue Cod I spent all day thinking about. Finding a good way to prepare it. It ended up being Spaghetti with a sort of Bolognese sauce, tomato and mince/ground beef.


14 August 2010

I don't trust the freshness of the fish you find at supermarkets around here. It is not unusual for so-called fresh fish to have travelled ten days or even two weeks before it gets on the shelves of our grocery store. Not good enough.

The problem is, I love fish. I could eat fish several times a week and be happy about it. The solution is an outfit of local commercial fishermen that deal directly with the customer. They go out fishing, then you (in this case our office), receives a fax of what is fresh that day. If you return the fax around noon, you get your fresh fish delivered by 4pm. It only happens once a week, but it is brilliant!

Spaghetti bolognese
The spaghetti Bolognese (kinda) that replaced our fish dinner.

Except when you leave work and forget the fish in the staff refrigerator and can't get back in the building because somehow your access swipe card doesn't work anymore...

So there I was, planning and dreaming of fish all day, unable to cook the darn thing!

So I made spaghetti instead. Quick tomato and mince (ground for my American friends) beef. It wasn't fish. But it was good. This is very satisfying food for me. Served with a glass of red wine, and some ciabbata garlic bread, it was *just* fine.

And the fish, well, by now it has become too old to eat just panfried. I'll freeze it and probably end up making fish cakes in the Thai style.

What about you? Tell us your most recent or memorable forced change of menu! Go on, you know you want to :)


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