The Teacher


I trully enjoy sharing my knowledge, and teaching people.

I have always found it important to share my knowledge. There is no point in hording all the information. And when knowledge is shared, we all benefit.

Over my years in professional kitchens, I taught many apprentices. This can sometimes be a frustrating process, but is generally very rewarding. I also formally taught cooking to adults interested in entering the food service industry for one academic year. Of course, every now and then I show family and friends a technique or a recipe.

I never stop learning, and find that through teaching people, I have a chance to learn and discover even more.

I have also taught and spoken about non-culinary topics such as web development, disability rights, accessibility, and Tai Chi.

And now, I share my knowledge with you, the reader of The Wheeling Gourmet :)

I am available to speak at your event.


A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat. Old New York Proverb

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